There are many types of trauma.

Domestic Trauma

This can be when we experience trauma at the hands of someone we trust and love. Domestic violence can have a profound impact on different areas of our lives. Domestic violence is a very broad term, it involves bullying, gas lighting, patterns of controlling and coercive behaviours to take power and control over you and your life.

Relational Trauma

It is a distress caused by a family member or a close relative, which causes distress and long term trauma. It is a repeated experience of lasting psychological harm i.e. abuse, bullying and neglect.

Sexual Trauma

Sexual trauma in childhood or adulthood can have complex and individual responses. As each one of us is unique the way we process our emotions.

Working on trauma is very challenging and daunting as you will be uncomfortable when exploring the unprocessed emotions. Using CBT techniques will help you to be grounded again and be in control of your life again.




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